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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Erlenstar Mountain: A Royal Kingdom Sims Blog

I recently created a new Sims 2 neighborhood, set up as a Royal Kingdom although I am not playing the challenge for points, nor following all the rules exactly. The back story for my kingdom, and some of the beautiful names, are drawn from Patricia A. McKillip's magnificent series The Riddle-Master of Hed. Of course, the ideas have been much-simplified in order to express them in a Sim neighborhood.
I won't be blogging each household separately; instead I plan to highlight a few sims and events from each round. The rules I am using to play this neighborhood can be seen at
An introduction of my families is available at

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Ultimate Price: Round 5, episode 3

Messages to Erlenstar Mountain:

His Majesty, Prince Tirunedeth of Erlenstar, to Lady Auber of Ymris
Fall, day 5

My Lady Auber:

It is with the greatest horror and grief that I must tell you that your Lord Husband, my dear brother-in-law and advisor Heureu, is lost to us in battle with the enemy. Although it sears my hand to write the words, I owe the truth to you, and to Heureu’s memory.

As you will no doubt hear, battle was joined late yesterday afternoon. In the thick of the fighting, Baron Heureu disappeared. We later followed tracks back into the area behind the Eagle Pass. A short way along the road, several of his men lay dead amongst the stones—it seemed that their bodies had been savaged by wolves, or wild dogs. As we stared in horror, we heard a weak voice hailing us from behind a fallen tree. The man, although gravely injured, urged us to leave him where he lay and follow the Baron with all speed, for he feared the worst. No sooner had he said this than he collapsed, unconscious. Leaving one of my men to watch over him, I hurried into the woods with the rest of my troops.

We pressed on along the track, but darkness was falling fast in that deep canyon, and it was hard to see. At length, it was full night, and we were forced to stop and build fires to ward off the wolves, and to drink a few swallows of wine and bind up our wounds. We rose as soon as it was light enough to see, and resumed our search.

After several more hours, looking amongst the great trees and boulders of the canyons, we found the Baron at last, lying grievously wounded and accompanied only by a single man-at-arms, Sil Oakland. Sil told us that on the previous day, as the enemy appeared before us in the Pass, Baron Heureu had heard men clambering behind the Pass and, accompanied by his soldiers, had hurried back to bar their way. At first the enemy fled before them, but eventually, at the point where we had found some of his men, they turned and battle was joined. To our horror, Sil told us that the demon-spawn seemed able to shift shapes during the fight, unlike those we battled in the Pass, although their shape changes were slow and seemingly difficult. After the fight, only Heureu and Sil remained on their feet, but the enemy were also greatly reduced. They resumed their flight into the forest, pursued again by the Baron, and arrived at length in a shadowy glade. Sil shivered as he told us that it seemed to him that Death awaited them there.

Here again Baron Heureu and Sil fought courageously with the shapeshifters, and here the Baron was struck down by the demon’s sword just as night began to fall on the canyon.

Yet even as Heureu fell, pierced through, he managed to slay the shape-shifter, or so Sil believed, yet no body was found when it grew light again. Sil stayed faithfully by the Baron’s side throughout the long dark night, repeatedly driving off the marauding black wolves with only his sword, having no means to make a fire.

By the time we came upon Baron Heureu and Sil, the Baron was no longer conscious. I cannot describe the horror and despair which fell upon me upon seeing him insensible on the ground, his clothing torn and bloody, and his fair countenance stained with blood.

I had been there only a brief time when he slipped away. We saluted him as the bravest of men and most faithful of companions and advisors, who had given his life to be sure that none of our enemy would survive to attack when our backs were turned.

After his death, we moved his body from that accursed spot to a peaceful meadow near a small lake, where we laid him out as best we could, and where I performed the Meditation of the Sword for him, as a brother should.

Since we could not bear his body back, being few in number and many of us wounded, and would not leave it there to be savaged by the wolves, we built a mighty pyre and gave his body to the flames in all honor. All grieved for him, a strong man, a great leader, a true friend and brother.

My Lady Auber, I give you my word as monarch and as your brother by marriage, that although I do not have the power to restore your husband to you alive, we will bring his ashes back to you upon our return, that they may lie in the Ymris crypt beside those of his grandfather. I will stand as father to Heureu’s son and daughter, and lend my arm to defend you and your home as he would have done. Baron Heureu gave his life for all the people of Erlenstar, and he will not be forgotten.

Yours in the deepest grief and sympathy,
Prince of Erlenstar